Clinical Research Services

Conventional and Added Value research services for the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Medical device Industries.


eClinical Services

CLINICAL.NET is FDA 21 CFR part 11 compliant, developed in-house and also available as a stand-alone service.


Therapeutic Expertise

From Phase I to Post marketing
we have conducted clinical trials
across many therapeutic



Strengthening our offer with qualified partners providing supporting services and expertise that match all projects needs.

OPIS is a European Contract Research Organisation (CRO) with a leading position in Italy. We work hand-in-hand with the Research Industry and the Medical Community to advance scientific knowledge by providing resources and solutions to conduct and manage clinical trials from Phase I to post-marketing. An advanced digital infrastructure together with regulatory and scientific expertise makes OPIS an ideal partner. We offer flexible service models ranging from full-service packages to specific functional service options. Our commitment to quality and continuous innovation has created long-lasting client relationships with large Pharmaceutical Corporations, small and mid-sized Pharmaceutical Companies, the Biotechnology Industry, Medical Device Companies, Academic Institutions and Non-Profit Organisations. Our integrity and ethical practices have earned us the trust of Sponsors, Investigators and collaborators.



  • Expansion for OPIS
    Italian-based CRO, OPIS, is continuing to expand into new geographical markets in 2015. OPIS, which currently operates in over 28 countries, is opening two new offices in Germany and France, and strengthening its international operational team with the recruitment of a further 14 full-time staff members.